CHICKEN MISO YAKI (pan fried miso chicken with potatoes & mushrooms)
chicken breast / 2 pieces
Kaga miso / 30 grams
mirin / 20 grams
cayenne pepper powder / a dash or two
olive oil / 30 ml
bacon / 1 slice
(May Queen) / 1
garlic / 1 clove
mushrooms / 4
fresh shiitake mushrooms / 4
salt, pepper / to taste
/ to garnish
1. mix together miso, mirin, cayenne pepper powder.
2. paste chicken breasts with 1/4 of the miso mixture (1) above and let stand for approx 30 min.
3. cut bacon and potato into 1 cm squares; quarter mushrooms and shiitake.
4. heat olive oil in frying pan; lightly brown chicken breasts both sides; remove breasts from frying pan and set aside. in same pan, stir fry bacon, potato, and garlic; add mushrooms and shiitake and stir fry lightly. place chicken breasts on top of stir fried ingredients, cover pan, and heat till chicken is fully cooked.
5. remove chicken breasts and slice accordingly; paste remainder of the miso mixture between chicken slices (see photo).
6. place chicken breasts onto plate and garnish with finely chopped chives.

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