MISO TSUKUNE (bean paste chicken meat balls)
INGREDIENTS  (makes approx 30)
finely ground chicken / 400 grams
dengaku miso
(see below) / 50 grams
salt / a dash or two
(Japanese pepper) / a dash or two
egg / 3
dashi / 3 tbsp
(soup stock made from bonito flakes or konbu; chicken broth can also be used)
bread crumbs
(soak crumbs in dashi)@/ 25 grams
sake / a dash or two
(or corn starch dissolved in water) / 3 tbsp
roasted sesame seeds / 15 grams
mixed nuts
(crushed) / 30 grams
minced long onions / approx 1/6 of a stem
minced ginger / 1 knot or finger
minced oba
(shiso leaf) / 2 bundles

boiled quail eggs / 30
cooked asparagus / 10
(boil lightly with salt; cut to make approx 30 pieces)
bamboo skewers / 30

Dengaku Miso
miso / 200 grams
sugar / 150 grams
mirin / 80 ml
egg yolk / 1/2 yolk
sesame paste / 1 tbsp
(combine above 5 ingredients and mix well to make "Dengaku Miso")
1. place ground chicken in a big bowl, add salt and knead well until it becomes sticky.
2. add all the ingredients for "tsukune" into bowl and knead well.
3. heat oil in frying pan; shape "tsukune" mixture into bite-size meatballs, and cook thoroughly.
4. skewer meatballs, quail eggs, and asparagus (one each, see photo) and grill lightly; paste "dengaku miso" onto skewers and grill till done.

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